After being closed for several weeks and a full thorough ozone cleaning certified by a cleaning company, the Hotel Notre Dame is reopening. 

We have implemented all sanitary measures necesary to welcome you in the best possible conditions.

The hygiene and cleaning procedures implemented

  • Full thorough cleaning of all rooms, bathrooms, common areas prior to the reopening of the Hotel.
  • Cleaning of the common areas and more over the door handles, switches, elevator button, rooms keys between all guest’s usage.
  • Renewal of all cleaning materials between each room, particularly the cleaning rags and mico fiber clothes.
  • Systematic renewal of all linen and all hospitality amenities available in each room between each guest. 

  • Usage of detergents and disinfecting products accredited in accordance with Standard EN 14476 + A2.

The preventive measures adopted

  • The staff is equiped with masks, gloves and hydro alcoholic gel.
  • The staff is hatted on prevention gestures and abide to regular hands washing and afyter each interaction with a person.
  • Dropping of the room key, by the guest, in a key box upon check out.
  • Self deposit and pick up of luggage by the guest in the designated area
  • Hotel only accessible to staff and guests (External persons are not allowed)
  • Lift available and limited to only one person at a time, stairs available as well to access floors
  • Credit card payment recommanded, the machine is disinfected after each use.
  • Hydro alcoholic gel is available is all rooms – a small bottle of 40ml.
  • Automatic gel distribution stands are also available at the entrance of the Hotel and in front of the breakfast area.
  • The mask remain the responsibility of the guest.


  • Prevention gestures to be followed as well as social distancing of 1m between each person
  • Wearing of a mask strongly recommanded
  • Hand washing requested upon arrival, and recommanded between each in and out going of the room
  • Regular ventilation of the room , and upon check out
  • Smoking strictly forbiden on all premises
  • Hotel only accessible to staff and guests (External persons are not allowed)


We have implemented hygiene measures to welcome you in complete safety.

See you soon,
The Hotel Excelsior Latin team